Monthly Archives: September 2008

Share Documents in PlaybookIQ

  You can now store and share documents in PlaybookIQ.  This makes for a convenient place to store coaching documents, product sheets, proposals, invoices, or any documents that relate to a contact.  Attached documents are shared with everyone on your team (unless the contact is ‘private‘, then only you can view the document). To use this […]

Your PlaybookIQ Tasks for Today: Email Reminders

  Heres a simple new feature that can make your work a bit easier.  To get daily email reminders of your tasks due simply click ‘Edit’ in the top right of the application to open your user profile.  There, you will see a new profile item, “Email Reminders”.  This was a highly requested feature that […]

Private Contacts

You can now mark a contact private so that others on your team cannot view it.  By default, contacts are private to your company and others in your account can see all contacts in your account.   To mark a contact private, simply mark the “Private” checkbox when entering or editing a contact.  Only the […]

Sample Data

The best way to see what a software product can do and to tell if it’s a fit for your needs to see it populated with data.  In some applications you get “preview” screenshots which are sample data presented as static images where your real data will eventually show up when entered.  The preview screenshots […]

New Help System

PlaybookIQ help is now available the new PlaybookIQ Help Center. There, product information is organized in what we think is a helpful and informative way. You’ll find a new “Getting Started” section that should help you get up and running in no time.  We hope you agree this is a helpful addition to PlaybookIQ and, […]

New Product Blog

I have moved the PlaybookIQ blog to the Synap Software servers. The PlaybookIQ product blog is now at: