Monthly Archives: June 2008

Product Launch: PlaybookIQ Small Business CRM

Today we announce the launch of PlaybookIQ, offering a unique combination of small business CRM, plus process best practices. Much more powerful than general-purpose contact managers and address books, PlaybookIQ is built from the ground up for sales teams. Simply stated: PlaybookIQ shows you what was last said to a contact and automatically schedules what […]

New Feature: CRM Activity Report

As noted in previous posts, we built PlaybookIQ from the start to be an effective CRM tool for small- to mid-sized organizations to collaborate on their efforts, follow a consistent sales process, and gain insight into their results. When launched, PlaybookIQ offered the Pipeline Overview which shows you how many contacts are at each step […]

New Feature: Permission Management

PlaybookIQ is built from the ground up as a small business CRM tool for sales team collaboration. To effectively collaborate, all users on your team can perform almost all functions. By default, everyone can create, edit, and delete contacts, tasks, comments, playbooks, and step definitions. Yet, for those times that you want to limit user […]

New Feature: Complete Todos from Dashboard

 Your PlaybookIQ Dashboard shows you all tasks and steps that are due today.  Sometimes you have all the information necessary to complete the step just from the Dashboard.  In these cases, you no longer need to open the contact to mark the step complete.  Simply click the ‘completed’ link found on the dashboard and the […]

New Feature: Mass Task Assignment

PlaybookIQ has powerful search features, including searching for contacts by multiple tags (e.g. all contacts that are tagged both ‘VIP’ and ‘Prospect’). Search results are returned in a list of contacts, with a checkbox next to each one.  From day one, you have been able to add tags and remove tags in mass by checking […]

Google App Engine

Interested in an excuse to learn Python, and always on the lookout for production environments that are both stable and flexible, and I took a look at Google App Engine. To try it out, I created a simple contact and task manager that is live at I love the speed at which changes are […]