Monthly Archives: May 2008

Love and Hate

Related to my previous post is this classic from Kathy Sierra, Be brave or go home. It’s worth a re-read now and then. Advertisements

Another Reason I Love Apple

Two years ago I made the switch by buying a MacBook Pro for my primary development machine. Every day it seems I find another small reason to be glad to have switched. A trip to the Apple store Last week my laptop battery suddenly would not hold a charge for longer than 20 minutes. So, […]

New Feature: Mass Playbook Assignment PlaybookIQ has powerful search features, including a live search by last name, quick search across all fields and advanced search for specific values in specific fields. Quick search and Advanced search results are returned in a list of contacts, with a checkbox next to each one. From day one, you have been able to […]

Small Business CRM Launched

Today we proudly announce the launch of PlaybookIQ, the first software as a service built from the ground up as dedicated Sales Team Collaboration software. With PlaybookIQ, you and your sales team will: 1. Follow Your Sales ProcessAssign a contact to a Playbook, and you’ve automatically ensured it will follow your sales process. Document your […]